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Who we are

The QR memorial was born from the idea of ​​honoring those who have already departed, using intuitive technology, facilitating the registration of data (photos, videos, biography, obituary, personal data), making the memories always remain alive.

Memorial QR is a global startup.

Was there any doubt?

What does Memorial QR offer?

It offers an online memorial service where you can leave the memories of your loved ones alive.

How long does it take for my tribute to be published?

Depois de ter cadastrado as informações de seu Memorial, ele passará por uma análise, depois de concluída estará disponível.

What if the tombstone is a double monument, for both husband and wife?

One option is to customize the Memorial Online so that it recognizes both husband and wife together. The photos, videos, as well as the text, can be crafted to make it work as a memorial set.

Who can I contact for other questions?

If you have questions about the site or need help using the site management tools, send your questions to: (11) 5199-4775.


"We as a family found in this memorial a way to immortalize the memories of our loved one..."

Giane Frasson Rossi

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